Candybarwrap Party Ideas

Party FOOD Calculator

Party Food Calculator

This is one of the hardest parts when planning a party or reception.  Personally – I ALWAYS overdo it.  I am just lucky I have a good size freezer.

Cocktail or  Hors d’oeuvre Party....  per adult, prepare appx. 1 lb of food per person

Meals…  1 1/2 Pounds Of Food Per Adult

Now these are only averages for mid size adults.  If the majority of guests are large or petite…  adjust your amounts accordingly.
I catered a bridal shower for a Pro football player’s future wife.  We planned on her girl friends as the guests.  When I called her after to see how it went, she told me there was not enough food.  All the football player husbands and boyfriends arrived toward the end & chowed down on everything.  That was not in her plan, but really be aware of who your guests are.

Appetizers: On average,  for the first couple hours… each guest will eat about 10 appetizers. Each hour after that, the amount will go down to 2 or 3.  Now this is the calculation if there will not be a meal after.  Prepare a little less if you are having a dinner party.

Pizza: Adults & Teens… average 3 slices per person.  Younger children allow 2.  Again, all depending on the size of your guests.

For more Party Planning Calculations…. Beverages, etc.  Visit Great party Recipes

Here is an excellent large-quantity party food planning site you may want to refer to for company barbecues, weddings, etc.


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